We pave the way for all transport routes: rail, road and waterway.
The Johannastrasse premises are located directly on the banks of the Weser and have a private pier and heavy-duty equipment for handling bulk and general cargo. Both seagoing vessels and barges can be loaded with bulk goods such as salts and ores directly from the warehouses using our mobile ship loader and fully enclosed conveyor belts, keeping dust to a minimum. A heavy-duty hydraulic excavator is used to load and discharge vessels carrying building materials and general cargo.

  • Railway siding
  • 1800 m conveyor belts with a capacity of up to 1500 t/h
  • Pier for vessels with up to 40,000 dwt
  • Ship loading plant with a capacity of 500 t/h
  • 115 t hydraulic pier excavator with discharging capacity of 300 t/h